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Join a national program of naturalists by recording observations of plants and animals for scientific discovery.

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You probably already observe seasonal changes in nature—from the frogs calling in the spring to the trees turning colors in the fall. That’s phenology. By sharing what you observe in a systematic way, you join a growing group of amateur and professional naturalists who are building a valuable database of information about climate change and its impact on important species. 

Your input matters.

Sharing your observations is easy. The USA Phenology Network has developed a handy online tool called Nature’s Notebook where everyone can record their observations of plants and animals (or you can download the free app for your smartphone).

You decide where you want to observe—in your yard or neighborhood, at a park or at your cabin, or anywhere you’d like. And you pick the plants and animals you’d like to follow. There are hundreds to choose from.

Nature's Notebook

Want to focus on Minnesota? Here are the seven species scientists are most interested in getting data on.

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