Citizen Scientist Training Resources

An Introduction to Phenology

If you are new to the Minnesota Phenology Network, this video series will help you become involved today!

The Videos in this training series are intended to introduce you to the concept and practice of keeping track of phenology.  The seasonal rhythms and events that make each day a little different from the next are driven by changes in climate and sunlight. The day you find that the white puffy seeds of the eastern cottonwood tree (Populus deltoids) have clutter the windshield of your car or the first common loon (Gavia immer) call you hear in the spring are both examples of phenology.

Whether you live in in the heart of St. Paul or on Minnesota’s north shore, there is always something going on!

There is no single way to appreciate the natural diversity of Minnasota’s prairies or the fragrant needles of our states northern Coniferous forest, but keeping a record of what you see can truly enhance the pleasure you get from looking. Your observations and records directly impact scientist’s ability to learn how our changing climate is impacting the Minnesota’s plants and animals.