Citizen Scientist Training Resources

Exploring Phenophases

What exactly are we recording when observing phenology?

Maybe you already keep a nature journal or a take consistent photos of your back yard garden. As a Citizen Scientist, you have the ability to take the enthusiasm that you already have for nature and create a record of what you see that is useful to scientists. This video is intended to familiarize you with ‘phenophases’, which are the specific parts of a plant or animals life cycle that are influenced by temperature, rainfall, or the amount of light in a given day.

By familiarizing yourself with the specific phenophases of the plant or animal that you want to monitor, you will be able to collect consistent and accurate phenology records on that plant. To get started, Watch the video above. Afterwards, search for a plant or animal you are familiar with on the Nature’s Notebook website and to learn which phenophases you should record!

Not sure what to observe? Check out Minnesota Phenology Networks top seven species, we are especially interested in observations of these plants and animals!