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The USA-NPN is developing a list of phenology datasets to make available to the research community and the general public.

For datasets that do not use the USA-NPN protocols (Denny et al 2014), we provide metadata and links to phenology datasets. Please follow the instructions below to register your dataset to make phenology data available for research and decision-making.

If you have or know of a dataset that you would like to register with us, please follow the instructions below.

Thank you for you interest in making phenology data more readily available. 

Instructions for Registering a Dataset

If you have not already, create an account on our site.

Create a dataset record. (coming soon!)


If you have a single dataset (same location, time period and creator) with multiple files, treat them as a single dataset and include a link to the parent directory or a page with links to each file.


Select the option that best describes the availability of the data for use. Freely available data can be used with no charge, co-authorship or other restriction.  Data that are available based on collaboration often require credit, co-authorship or collaboration with the data creator or curator. Data end users must pay for data with fee-based access. Restricted access data may be sensitive, or unavailable for general use.


Metadata is “structured information that describes, explains, locates, or otherwise makes it easier to retrieve, use or manage an information resource” (National Information Standards Organization, 2004). If you have an existing metadata record for the data set, identify the standard and upload it in this field. More information on the metadata standards listed is available on wikipedia

Recommended Citation

Optionally enter the citation you would like used for this dataset, for example: 

Cross, M. compiler. 1997. Greenland summit ice cores. Boulder, Colorado USA: National Snow and Ice Data Center in association with the World Data Center A for Paleoclimatology at NOAA-NGDC, and the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research. CD-ROM.


Your dataset entry will not be published until you check "save" at the bottom. Our site also enables you to save changes & return to the page when you are ready to submit it, if you uncheck the box next to "published" at the bottom of the page, then clicking save.

While few fields are required, the more you fill out the more useful and findable your dataset will be.


View all submitted & published dataset records. (coming soon!)

Send any feedback on this process to [email protected].