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Minnesota Phenology Network - 9th Annual Gathering
SAVE THE DATES Oct. 12-14th 2018

Please save the dates for the 9th Annual Minnesota Phenology Network Gathering the weekend of Oct. 12-14th 2018! We are a group of citizen scientists, researchers, educators, and enthusiastic Minnesotans, all of whom have a general interest in learning about nature and particular interest in phenology. We gather each year to share our thoughts and findings from the year, and learn from each other and experts in the field. There’s always plenty to learn for both novice naturalists to expert researchers! Read more...


Cold Winter temperature can accelerate the timing of spring budbreak

Of all the phenological firsts that will excite and inspire season observers this year, tree buds opening are an anticipated signal of Spring. But, how do Minnesota trees time budbreak to maximize their growing season but minimize risk of frost? While not a hard and fast rule, the incremental increase in hours of sunlight seems to play a smaller role than the interplay of cold and warm temperatures that a plant experiences in the days and weeks leading up to budbreak. Read more...


KAXE's Weekly Phenology Report

Each week John Latimer takes a closer look at the changes in the natural world as they relate to climate. This week's report includes the story behind...Read More.

Heeding Nature's Call


Dallas Hudson works for the U.S. Geological Survey, gathering weather, water and other data near his home for study by scientists based as far away as Denver. Read More.